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Here we are : the begining of our new season !

Schedule for this year:
We’ll have two classes back to back (one all-level, one themed) on mondays and the per-level classes will be held on wednesdays.

Back to class :
Monday september 16th at 7:00PM.
We will be waiting for you in room C4.01 (dojo) for the registrations starting 6:30PM.

Trial classes:
They will be held on Monday 16th and 23rd from 7PM to 8:30PM. Like every year we will have groin protectors for you to borrow but you will need to come with black sport pants, a white tshirt and the registration papers. We’re asking for the registration papers only to make sure we have your info and you fill and sign the waiver, nothing else will be asked.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with us if you have questions !